Homily December 13, 2015 the 3rd Sunday of Advent

Posted in Called, christian, Faith, homily, inspirational, religion, Word by Fr Joe R on December 9, 2015

B3 advent 01-john-baptistAs we come together today in this Advent season our readings basically proclaim Joy or Rejoicing. As we prepare to remember and once again celebrate Christ’s birth, we are called to be joyful. Be being joyful or rejoicing is not always that easy. It is like someone telling us to “cheer up” when we are down or depressed. It is easier said than done. Joy or rejoicing is something that comes from what we do. It is not a passive type thing. John today tells the people to prepare for the messiah and is asked what maxresdefaultdo we do. Basically he says to look out for others, to give to share what we have. Truly this is obviously the right thing to do and how we are called to act. Surely, if we always did the right thing we would be joyful people for
the most part. Real joy is in giving and sharing with someone who is truly in need. In giving the joy comes back to us and selflessness is something that returns joy and contentment as we are giving as best we can. In advent we prepare for Christmas which is the biggest gift ever given, and it was to all of humanity. God sent his Son Jesus to us for the purpose of forgiveness and leading us to him. That embodiment of his love with our own belief and giving of ourselves to him gives to all of us a joy and a spirit of looking out for each other and sharing ourselves with each other. When we were younger, as the children here today, we anxiously shared in the joy of waiting and the expectationmanger of Christmas morning.
But, as the older people here today will tell you, the joy of Christmas is in the sharing of love and spending of time with one another that brings the most joy in the end. Life is about loving, giving. God is the love we share and give and receive. It binds us, it leads us, it is what we have for all eternity.


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