Homily December 6, 2015 2nd Sunday of Advent

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, Faith, homily, religion, scripture, Word by Fr Joe R on December 1, 2015

christ-in-the-desert-18721-e1276316336416Our readings today go back to the time the Jews were captives in Babylon and come forward to Jesus’ time when they were captives of the Romans in their own country. Baruch and John in Luke talk of the desert and Lord and things becoming right. The Lord is coming, wait and all will be right. John goes to the desert to call for a change of heart, for repentance, preparation for the day of the Lord. Throughout the centuries, each one presented its own angst as humanity struggled and other Babylons or Romes rose and fell inflicting harm and pain throughout the world. Today babylonthe world struggles and fears the terror driven forces spreading violence and terror and fear. Our reaction is to fight, to cut off and shun any who are from foreign places.
But John said make a way, the Lord is coming. That was over 2000 years ago, let us not forget, Christ came. He died, but he made the way straight, he opened the path. He has given his love to the world, he has embraced all. Our way is his way, to shun violence, hatred to love even when not loved in return. The futility of violencenations and empires is that they fade to history, but the voice, the love of Christ continues on and keeps encouraging us to know and find what is of real value.

Our news is full of war, terror, bombings, and our poisonous climate, all producing fear and promises and resolutions that are as bad as the dangers sometimes. What has happened to caring and looking out for all. In a time when the world has been reduced to more intimate and closer relationships, the misunderstandings and hatred and fear and resentments are robbing the present time the message of Christ brought forth in that remote time and place long ago. That is what Advent means, a reminder of waiting, but also a need to know He Has Come, but 27sunwhat have we done. His love made a difference, but has ours? We are called to action, to love, to do here and now in our own way, in our own corner. Paul says love never fails, and truly it doesn’t, but realize that sometimes it hurts. It asks and seeks us to give ourselves individually and fully, and that can be hard as we know only one person ever had perfect love and that was Christ Himself. So remember the waiting of old, but remember He is here now and we are called every day.


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