Homily November 22, 2015 Feast of Christ the King

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, church events, ethics, Faith, homily, inspirational, religion, scripture, Word by Fr Joe R on November 17, 2015

ctk christ pilateThe feast of Christ the King is a relatively new feast on the calendar. Coming in 1925 at the behest of Pius XI. The 1920’s were a period of secularism, disrespect of authority and religion, and the rise or strengthening of dictatorships throughout the world. Human rights and the ability to worship and just the freedom of individuals was a concern. Even the independence of the Church and Pius XI was under siege from the time the Vatican had lost governance over the Papal States. It was a call by Pius to leaders and believers alike to realize that religion and faith were not necessarily an intimate part of politics and ruling of nations. Personal dignity and freedom given by God was something contained in every person and should be left to grow and bring each person to his final way of life.

Is Christ a King? Certainly he is, but not in any real sense that that word conjures up in our imagination. Perhaps, through the centuries, men, even good men have tried to create a kingdom on earth, but such as we know is not meant to be. Christ was God made man who came to offer himself that we all would be embraced and brought on a path to to his Father in a kingdom about which we only know that God awaits in his eternal love. ctk homelessWe are part of that kingdom now, but only if we live and are like Christ was. Christ was a servant, he loved, he gave of himself, in fact his very life he laid down so that all of us could have eternal life.

His kingdom on earth, were the roads, the mountains, the fields, the seas, but more the disciples, the people who listened, who reached out. His service, his love, his giving set him apart, and is what sets apart his followers, as people know them by their love. hungryGrandeur, pomposity, power are not the marks of this King. And finally, even today we need to be reminded like is more than politics and money and power, but should really be about people. Did Jesus not tells us to “love one another.”

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