Homily October 4, 2015 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, ecclesiology, Faith, homily, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on September 30, 2015

27suToday’s gospel talks of divorce, and in church it seems to always be a controversial topic. Before I talk about that, let’s first think about what marriage is. The quote from Genesis say that man needs a partner, but if we look at history, the partnership was for the most part not an equal one if we look at how women were seen and treated throughout history. Truly, it has been mostly a man’s world with marriage an arranged and bartered relationship falling short of a real partnership, and often an arrangement lacking in true love of the partners. Even in the western world and our own country the equality of women starting 27sin the late 1800’s is still a work in progress. Partnership in marriage reflects equality and the basis for that partnership is love, and as our faith tells us love is a Godly thing and love for ourselves and others is what makes us grow and love each other and bring us to God. Marriage is a special sign or Sacrament that like all the sacraments works in our life. Living and growing in love for one another in this sacrament brings the lovers and those around them and sharing in that love to God. It shares in the relationship of the Trinity itself.

However, humanity is not perfect. Not one of us is without fault or sin. In so 27sundmany ways we can fail as individuals, and unfortunately those failures can be harmful to others and can bring failure and misfortune into life. Personalities, and any number of things can lead to couples separating or going different ways. Divorce is an unfortunate thing, but when a partnership can no longer be, God’s love is still there for all and his love must always be the guide through this and all of life’s trials and times. Jesus quoted the law in the gospel for that was what he was asked. But notice he embraced the children and said accepting the kingdom of God like a child was the important thing. God is the judge, the lover, the one who forgives, always embracing us as we walk the twisted path to his kingdom. Hi love will not ail us.

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