Reflection for Thursday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time (Year 1)

Thursday of the Nineteenth Week of the Year (August 13, 2015) Inclusive Lectionary Texts

Readings- Joshua chapter 3 verses 7-11 & 13-17 / Psalm 114: verses 1-6 / Matthew chapter 18 verses 21 through chapter 19 verse 1

Friends, what I think we have in the readings today is about unconditional forgiveness. The official who was forgiven his debt did not forgive and extend mercy in the way it was given to him. He became greedy and made it about money and not loving forgiveness. He does not forgive in an unconditional way. Sometimes like all of us we forgive but don’t forget and a hidden grudge remains and as soon as the person does something it triggers the old memory and we become angry and bring up the old hurt. Believe me it is not an easy task to forgive and forget but it is something we can all use some help with. So I challenge us today to be open to a merciful, compassionate unconditional forgiving heart.

rev. Michael Theogene


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