Reflection for Wednesday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time (Year 1)

Wednesday of the Nineteenth Week of the Year (August 12, 2015)
Readings- Deuteronomy – Chapter 34 verses 1-12 / Psalm 66 verses 1-3, 5-8, and 16-17
Matthew – Chapter 18 verses 15-20

Friends, it usually is in community life when you are with persons, close friends in community, when we sometimes experience a shift of some sort. The shift can perhaps be when we see ourselves in relationships constantly being challenged over and over again by the same thing. Whether we saw ourselves as being instructive in a friendly sense and also an attentive listener, somehow certain individuals can be challenging at times.

It is so difficult to be able to speak to someone when they do not realize that they are hurting others through their actions. They may not realize that there behavior causes so much pain to others. This is not intentional on the person’s part, but I am sure we have all experienced this situation in our daily encounters. How does one confront such a person without a big explosion?

90% of the time, we let it go because of our own fear of the reaction of the other person. The Bible says when someone does not listen to you or you have difficulty explaining the situation, you should bring another with you to speak with that person. It goes on to say if that doesn’t work go to a higher authority etc. Somehow all this seems to create more problems. We are human and make mistakes about how we communicate with one another. The real problem is that we take criticism too personal and get defensive and this causes a block inside us that refuses to see our own responsibility in the situation. No one is totally right or wrong, it is how we are in the habit of interacting with one another and are afraid to see our own defects and see only the defects of the other. It is so important to be able to speak with the other person with compassion and mercy and also to be open to what needs to be changed inside ourselves. This definitely is a very difficult order. However it is exactly what we must do to help in these difficult situations if we really want peace. So how do we accomplish this peaceful solution?
As it states in today’s gospel, “if you join in agreement to pray for anything……it will be granted you by my Abba God ….” . Perhaps we can begin our conversation with the person by asking to pray together for a solution to the situation. Let the conversation begin!

rev. Michael Theogene


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