Reflection for Mon. 8/10/15 Cycle B Year 1

Sisters and Brothers, each morning we wake up, it’s an opportunity given to us again and again by the Creator to live fully upon the moment given to us. The opportunity each day to awaken and listen to what God is telling us. We take a silent bow; a listen if you will to the whispering in our ear on how much God is so much in love with us. God wants to give us so much more that we can possibly imagine for ourselves. We need to take on the daily challenge of sitting still to remember to take in the awesomeness and power that God instills in us. In the example of Jesus, the one who serves not only God, but us in our daily struggles, trials and tribulations Jesus example of living each moment not dwelling in the past, learning from life’s lessons shows us the true nature of love. The love that serves at our feet, the example of the promise that dwells among us, Jesus did not take people for granted but found the perfection in all those he encountered. We have to die to ourselves everyday in order to grow. Even if we have to keep re-learning from our mistakes and shortcomings, what it comes down to is, have we really learned from the experience. It is not only the teaching of Jesus but following the corporal works of mercy or what other paths of spirituality we may follow in our journey of faith. Mother Theresa says it best, “At any moment, to be able to sacrifice who we are, for what we can become.”

rev. Michael Theogene
Pastor, Saint Benedict Mission in Brooklyn, NY (New York City)


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