Homily August 9, 2015 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, Communion, Eucharist, Faith, homily, inspirational, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on August 5, 2015

19sundaOur gospel today is again from John. It continues on from the last two weeks. Jesus if the bread that came down from heaven. His Father draws those who come to him. Whoever believes in him will have eternal life. He is the bread of life, and unlike the manna in the desert, those who eat this bread will never die. He addresses the deeper hunger in humanity as the divine food that satisfies a relationship with God revealed in the presence of Jesus. That bread containing the presence of Jesus provides us 19suddayaccess to eternal life now through Jesus. As Jesus lived and acted so too are we called to lay down our lives as Jesus to for the Good of others and for eternal life. As Jesus served with the towel and basin at his ,last supper, so are we called to serve others and even act in menial ways for the glory of God and service to others. His way is our way, his body, the food for a journey to keep us in his kingdom and before God his Father.

In the first reading. Elijah in faithfully carrying out God’s command, got depressed and discouraged and depressed. But we see God provided 19sundhim food for the journey he called him to make to Mount Sinai. Early on, we see God’s concern to nourish and help Elijah carry on. If our faith is good and constant, God watches over us even when we get discouraged. But even more so as Jesus was sent as a divine food to sustain and keep us far better the the early times of the scriptures. That divine food is present and waiting for us each week,each time we share his Eucharist. Jesus opens us up to Him, his Father, to those around us. Such a life will never end.


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