July 5, 2015 Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, Faith, homily, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on July 1, 2015

prophet-without-honorIn today’s readings, we see two prophets, Ezechiel and Jesus. We know the Spirit of God entered and was in both of them. Like all the prophets, they led a life of speaking to the people, trying to help them make a way to God. Rejection was not uncommon to any of the prophets, and today’s gospel shows that even when Jesus was drawing crowds and was being acclaimed as a teacher and healer, ezekielHis own town, his extended family and friends with whom he grew up rejected and questioned his legitimacy because of their familiarity with him. He was after all the carpenter’s son, not some priest or great scholar or great learned rabbi. Such rejection and lack of faith was actually self-fulfilling for the Nazarenes who heard of the miracles and healings of Jesus, but could not see or experience them because there lack of acceptance and faith and close mindedness meant that there would be just a few healings for only the few who believed.
Throughout history, the spirit of God never abandoned humanity and managed to keep some believers faithful to God even when at times it seemed like only a remnant of the earth’s inhabitants. Yet, his spirit is present and touches the people of the world even today in different ways. That spirit is most commonly seen in his church, but we must realize his church is not a building, it is not an institution, but is a living body. That body is Christ himself and each of us has been baptised into that body. His spirit is in the church and carpenterin each one of us. Christ’s love is what binds the church together and that love extends out to all of humankind, witnessing and calling for a way that leads all to be one and with God as our ultimate goal. Looking back over hundreds of years, if only to the time of Christ, we must say that as witnesses and workers possessed by the spirit of God, humanity has been deficient in bring God’s all embracing love to people everywhere. Like the people of Nazareth, we can miss the obvious and fail to see love as more expedient than all the self-fulfilling acts that so divide the countries and peoples of the world. Yet despite all the checkered history of humanity, the spirit still comes and is among us and carries on in the body of Christ. Perhaps the one prophetic voice like from a prophet in ancient times doesn’t step forward today, yet the spirit speaks in many voices and through many people in many places. God is love, and the church invites and shares that love and welcomes all who work for a common way to God together. If someone experinces God’s love that person can come to know God and God’s spirit can come to him. God excludes no one from his love, nor refuses forgiveness to anyone who needs it. Bad things happen when we turn from love, fail to reach out to God and one another.

So today, let us pray that pettiness and hate and misunderstanding and any other thing that hinders our loving God and those around us be removed and we never forget that love never fails.