Homily August 2, 2015 18th Sunday in Ordinary time

Posted in Called, ecclesiology, Eucharist, Faith, homily, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on July 30, 2015

18 sundayToday’s gospel is again from John. As you might recall, last week Jesus left the crowd and disappeared. We see they regrouped and went looking for him and found him at Capernaum They saw his miracle of the loaves and decided he was the one to come. Jesus was a realist here, as he knew they followed him with full stomachs. Do you realize how central to us and every generation food was. Look today at our lifestyle, our entertainment, our work, recreation, in fact just about all we do somehow touches food. Look at TV and advertising, at our stores, at the number of restaurants and see how central food is to our live. Our celebrations, our family life is in many ways centered on food and eating, It is naturally 18 sundathe center of much of our lives, for without eating, we can not live. To the Agrarian life of old to the present, food and nourishment is very central to our lives, in fact almost to an extreme in our lives.

Christ chose physical food and the loaves to remind that yes we need physical food, but he was the food that came from heaven, a spiritual food that would nourish and feed our souls. He is the living food , his body given to us. His body in a very special way feeds our soul and spiritually prepares us for the way. So we can 18sunsee more clearly that the feeding of the multitude and the discourse on food is not about the miracle, but about Jesus and who he was and what his mission and role was and is for all generations. He truly is our bread of life, the food God prepared for us for the journey. Jesus prepares us in his own way by being our nourishment and sustenance for our life leading to our life to come. What we see then is a clear simple way of understanding Christ as our food and drink as we celebrate the Eucharist.

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