June 14, 2015 Homily 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, homily, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on June 10, 2015

sowerThe two parables we heard today are really similar. From our point of view, they seem to be correct and something a farmer of the past would pass on. Seed is scattered and is in the ground and grows to a good yielding crop. From the tiny mustard seed we see growth into a large shrub much bigger than we would expect from a small seed. However, to understand better, we must remember that Jesus and his people were from a mustard-seeddifferent time and culture. While they certainly had farmers, Jesus himself was a carpenter. The understanding of life and growth was different. The parables were not so much about growing and development as they were about contrasting size of beginning and end. Farming and planting started small and produced big results. Seeds were small, especially the mustard seed which was the smallest they knew. Yet falling into the ground and dieing they produced food or for the mustard seed a huge shrub taller than a man. It was big and even became home for birds’ nests.

Christ today is the seed who asks for their trust and faith as he spreads the kingdom of God. Yes,kingdom he was the kingdom on earth the way for all to the kingdom of heaven. Christ knew that like the seed dieing and being crushed in the ground, he too must be crushed and die to fully establish his kingdom. Like the scattered seeds and the mustard seed brought forth the grain and the shrub, His death established his kingdom forever. That kingdom is within us in one way or another. Whether it is an undeveloped beginning or a full blossom of faith within us, the kingdom of heaven is on earth an lies ahead of us. That beginning in us develops and grows in us or we can miss out on the kingdom. Within ourselves that kingdom develops and develops in the community around us. Like the shrub from the mustard seed embraces the birds and gives off shade, so the Kingdom embraces us and shields us through the many difficult times of life.


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