Homily February 8, 2015 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, homily, inspirational, religion, scripture, Word by Fr Joe R on February 5, 2015

5sun ord 1Suffering and sickness is something that is a very real part of humanity and life itself. We see it today in Job and in the gospel. Job has lost his family and fortune and is bombarded with suggestions that he needs to plead for forgiveness for what he has done wrong. Even today we look at failure as if something wrong was done that a person is somehow being punished. 5sun ord2We see in the gospels, that Jesus is constantly reaching out and healing the sick, or driving out demons. We forget that he lived in a simpler time when sickness and death came at a much earlier age than today when we have grown in knowledge and advanced in understanding how to treat sickness and extending the ability for living with less sickness for a much longer life. Consider that less than a hundred years ago 50 million people died from the flu that today we can pretty much control with vaccines and medications developed since then. What we can say is that suffering, loss and depression are not really a result of doing something wrong. In all of us, there is a built-in lifespan, a built-in obsolescence if you will. None of us is made to live our human life for ever or to be free for our whole life from pain or sickness or suffering. What is important is how we handle all the things that come at us day-to-day. Yes Jesus left the synagogue and went to Simon and Andrew’s house and cured Simon’s mother-in-law. And after the Sabbath had passed and evening came, the whole town was at the door not to just hear him but to be cured of illness and possessions.
5sun ord3But notice, Jesus went out at dawn to pray. Being pursued by his disciples, he doesn’t go back to Capernaum for he doesn’t wish to become a spectacle, a healer or miracle worker, but rather he came to teach and preach. Sure he healed when it was of service to the poor and sick, but it was not what he was about. His mission, his life was to pass on his knowledge and love of his father. He knew his life and mission was to be short. He knew that all the prophets and his predecessors suffered and faced opposition and rejection. 5sun ord4In the end he faced death and suffering himself. It was part of his acceptance of becoming human. If He suffered so, it helps us understand what part suffering plays, but why is harder to understand for it is somehow tied to how death entered into the cycle of creation. As believers we are called to love and support each other, but to know all the whys and mysteries of life and creation is for another time and place.

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  1. Fr. Ferdinand Thomas, OSB said, on February 5, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    Beautiful Homily! Great to see the work you are doing

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