Homily 2nd Sunday of Ordinary January 15, 2015

2sun ord1A ringing phone, a ringing doorbell immediately get our attention. We turn, we immediately give our attention to the phone or to the door. So much so we need to be reminded some places to turn off our phones lest we be a distraction to others. Our time leaves us vulnerable to immediate contact almost every moment. Our readings today take us to a different time when things were quieter and more low key. We see Samuel’s introduction to the Lord as a very subtle and slow realization with the help of Eli. John the 2sun ord2Baptist in John’s gospel today testifies to Jesus to John and Andrew who receive Jesus’ call when they asked where he was staying. Jesus said “Come and see.” Andrew in turn went to his brother Simon and said we have found the messiah. On meeting Simon, Jesus said you will be called “Cephas” or Peter.

All of these men heard their call and accepted. They were willing to listen, to hear the voice of God. To each that call was in one way or another life changing for it shaped the way their life would go on. Believe it or not each of you has been called and each is known by God by your name. Only He knows what 2sun ord3lies ahead for you, but are you ready for it? His call is to a life of love and giving and to most likely a family and all it entails to bring yourself and loved ones to him. He asks that we listen and be ready to hear the promptings of the Spirit given to us at our baptism when we were given our name and call to him. Yes that moment in our life can come when we must be ready to say speak lord I am ready to listen. The Lord never requests anything more than we can give, but he does at times ask that we give of ourselves, of our time, of whatever we have and are. The joy of hearing and responding is hard to describe but hard or easy he asks that we give our best. God woks with each and everyone of his faithful. His love embraces and fills each one and relates as each one is capable of relating. No one knows us better, not even ourself. That is why at time we can pen our hearts over and above and respond in ways we never before envisioned. Samuel, John, Andrew, Peter never knew what lay ahead but their openness and faith led them to where they could never have imagined to be.

So let us remember we are called and follow God’s work. At the same time 2sun ord4let’s remember that we need to be open for his work has not yet ended and we should still be ready if he calls.

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