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Posted in saints by Mike on December 18, 2014

alice domon y léoni duquet Léonie Duquet and Alice Domon were French nuns who were arrested in December 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and subsequently disappeared. Léonie Duquet was born in 1916 in France, where she grew up in a Catholic family. Interested in service in the Church, Léonie joined the Institute of Sisters in Foreign Missions Notre-Dame de la Motte. After taking vows as a nun, she traveled and worked as a missionary internationally. She was assigned to work in Argentina in the early 1970s and dedicated herself to helping Argentina’s poor. She worked among them in Buenos Aires province as well as in the capital city.

Alice Domon was born in in 1937 in Charquemont in France’s Doubs region. As a girl she entered the Sisters of the Foreign Missions. Sister Alice moved to Argentina in 1967, where she lived in Hurlingham and Morón, of the industrial corridor of Buenos Aires. She taught catechism to handicapped persons and worked with the poor. Domon was dedicated to her social work with the inhabitants of shanty towns. In 1971 she went to Corrientes to collaborate with the Ligas Agrarias organization, which was formed by the small producers of cotton.

Following the military coup of March 24, 1976, the junta began extreme repression of political opponents and state terrorism. Domon decided to get involved with human rights organizations. Upon Léonie Duquet and Alice Domonher return to Corrientes, she lodged at Léonie Duquet’s house. In December 1977, Sisters Alice and Léonie, along with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and other human rights activists, prepared a request for the names of those who disappeared and for the government to divulge their whereabouts. Between Thursday, December 8 and Saturday, December 10, 1977, a group under the command of Alfredo Astiz, a Marine captain and intelligence officer, kidnapped a group of 12 people connected with the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Among them were Sisters Alice and Léonie. Astiz had infiltrated the group, posing as a family member of a desaparacido and using a false name. Either on December 17 or December 18, 1977, the two Sisters and the rest of their group were “transferred” (a euphemism used by the military when murdering dissidents) to the military airport in Buenos Aires. They were put in a Marine plane and thrown out of the plane while still alive, landing in the sea off the coast of Santa Teresita, where they died as soon as they hit the water.

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