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Posted in saints by Mike on December 11, 2014

Genoveffa De Troia was born to Pasquale and Vincenza De Troia on December 21, 1887 in Lucera, Foggia, the Italian city made famous by Padre Pio. Her life demonstrates making the best of the portion you receive to find God in all things as they come to you. Her family was poor, and her father was unable to maintain steady employment. TroiaGenoveffa learned to sew She became sick when she was in elementary school and had to withdraw from her studies as the result of illness. As she grew older, she felt called to religious life and tried unsuccessfully to enter the Institute of St. Anne. She later became a secular Franciscan. Guided by her spiritual director, who was a Capuchin priest, she loved the life of the Church and sought to deepen her spirituality.

She moved away from Foggia, and during World War II, she moved from one abode to another in an effort to escape the bombardment but had to return to her hometown in 1945. There she became gravely ill. The reports of her sickness and her deep spirituality spread throughout the territory, causing many people to crowd around her bed to seek advice, prayers, and inspiration. She 22006_2gsuffered a great deal for her illness but continued to welcome many visitors; at the same time, though virtually illiterate, she dictated a huge correspondence with missionaries and those who were unable to visit her. She dictated letters that caused the people who received them peace, encouragement, and joy. She considered the people who visited and contacted her to be her spiritual family. She was liberal in giving what she could to the poor and the parish church and was very interested in the activities of the women of Catholic Action. She once volunteered that she gave her attention during the day to the people whom God sent to her, but the night was Jesus alone. In one of her letters, dated 1948, she mentioned what is regarded as her motto, “I pray and I suffer, I suffer and I offer.” Death came to Genoveffa on December 11, 1949 in Foggia at the age of 62. The cause for her beatification commenced in 1970 and she was declared venerable in 1992. Padre Pio had a little biography of Genoveffa De Troia in his cell.

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