Homily September 14, 2014 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, church events, inspirational, religion, Resurrection, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on September 9, 2014

crossToday’s feast of the exaltation of the Cross, is meant to step back from Holy Week and see the Crucifixion in terms of what it did and is doing for all. The whole idea of being lifted up for people to see and to be saved by their faith is related to the saving of the Jews with the lifting up of the serpents image when they failed and were overrun with serpents and bitten and infected with venom. The story was unique because the Jews did not use images or formed statues in their religion. Jesus in talking to Nicodemus was presenting a whole new image and way of faith and salvation with the lifting up of the cross. Argentina-Argentina-vacations-Argentina-For-Less-Peru-For-LessThis sign has become a symbol and identification for Christians throughout the world. Even non-believers identify a Christian by the cross. It is used in all kinds of places, even to being made in precious metals and bejeweled to be worn as physical adornment such as a pin or necklace or a ring. It appears on churches and in other places. The cross which was an instrument of torture and death and disgrace has come to be seen a mean of salvation, forgiving sin, bringing forth faith from the person looking on.
Yes, Christ has died, but he has risen, he is the One who has come From God and has made his way back. He is the Son who became man so that man could be with God. Christ did not condemn the world, but rather came to save the world. The symbol of the cross remains and points the way even now. The way is Christ and he is still present today but he must be sought out. He remains in his church, but at the same time he remains in his followers who in their life and love bring him to others. While not everybody chooses to hear his call, his followers still seek to share his word and call all over the world. Even now, centuries later, that word and call has not reached every part of the world. Yet still his followers try to bring that cross to all. Even where Christians have not been, God in one way or another is there touching the hearts of women and men. That of course is ultimately that the seeds of Christ’s word and call will someday flourish.
site-of-crossThe hardest place for Christians today is where people have turned their back or simply turned away or walked away. There are also places today where Christians are sought out and murdered simply because they are Christian. Such things Jesus himself said would happen. Truly, if men and women and nations can not get along with each other, how could we expect or see a Godly presence in all places. Truly then we celebrate and exalt the Cross realizing it can be a contradiction for those who choose not to believe and be saved. We keep working and praying sharing God’s love.

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