Homily September 7, 2014 23rd Sunday of Ordinary

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, church events, Eucharist, inspirational, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on September 3, 2014

23 sun aPaul today, as well as the gospel, looks at the human side of the church. Paul speaks of the commandments and how all are summed up in the command to love your neighbor as yourself. True love does no evil to your neighbor, thus love is the fulfillment of the law. In a real sense then, the law is truly written on our heart, a real part of ourselves. It is not the insincere and trivial thing sometimes portrayed in our entertainment media but something real and dynamic and part of our very being. 23 sun cThis is the love we bring to the church and is in all our activities within the church. Each of us has been called and each has been baptised and belong to this body of Christ we call the church. What I want to address today is that each of us in our own way, in our own personality and in our own talents, serve the church using our talent. More than anywhere I’ve been I find in our church the enthusiasm and the willingness to come together and serve and be a part of our faith community in worshiping together and in reaching out and sharing the love of God we all have received. The word ministry doesn’t mean only for someone to minister, but for a sharing of time, and talent and treasure in the service of our church and to those in the community around us.

Today, as I think back on many years of priestly service, I realize that the beginnings of that call began from what I saw to be God working in real way. My experience growing up was of seeing faith and love being an activity, an action for and positive doing of good things for others. Many things have happened in the church in the years since, but more and more the love of 23 sun dGod has come to free up so many people to see that his love and spirit remain in the church and is as alive and active as it always has been. As in Jesus’ time the clouded or self-serving vision of men and the multiplication of insignificant things into roadblocks can actually hurt the work of the Spirit of God. That is why with an open heart I ask all today in a spirit of love and service to open your hearts and ask what I can do to further contribute to our faith community. In faith, nothing is impossible. God calls us to express our talents in numerous ways and surely at least examine whatever call you feel. We are here because we found all are welcome and Jesus and his Body and Blood are here to share and celebrate. God has been good to us let us share that good news.


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