Homily July 13, 2014 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, ecclesiology, Eucharist, religion, scripture, Spirit, Word by Fr Joe R on July 9, 2014

15 sun3Today’s readings focus on the Word of God. In the first reading it is likened to the rain and snow which water the earth and enable things to grow and live. In the gospel, we have the parable of the sower. We see the seed is planted and how the growth of the seed reacts in different ways. But what we must remember is that the seed or the word is alive and active waiting to become active in the right soil and conditions. But if that seed or rain is the Word of God, its meaning is very different from the producing of crops. Through out our Christian tradition, The Word of God is personified as Jesus. He is the Word. he is in the beginning and end and active in our history. The importance of the Word is highlighted in each Eucharist we celebrate, for our celebration is divided into two parts, liturgy of the Word and Litu15sun2rgy of the Eucharist. For the preacher of the Word, it is an awesome and difficult task to preach the Word. As we know, the Spirit remains in each of us and Christ is present in the Eucharist, but so too he is very much alive and active in his Word. To preach in his name is to be like the sower, not knowing the result or extent of the task just completed. It is truly a moment where God acts through the preacher using his words and person as he sees fit. It is humbling to realize God is in control and to follow his lead. Some times, that Word will ferment and seek root in a person in different ways and a time unknown. It is 15 suncoming to know that the big picture, God’s plan. is far and above any control we have.

Never forget that God is there for everybody, and that it is his plan and not ours. He calls, entices, prompts to each of us, yet he respects the freedom he gave us and will give up only if there is a final rejection of him. Our joy should be the seeing of God’s embracing of a fellow human being. Peoples perceptions of things can be off-center and even sometimes harmful. How often do we hear how could God allow this, or some other slight or imagined injury as an excuse to ignore God and religion. Indifference and self-confidence can keep others away. In fact, I am sure you know as many reasons that I do that keep people from thinking about or practicing religion or praying. Like in Christ’s time, human frailty and the need to control or some petty and needless rules and non-compassionate understanding of others can lead to disillusionment and cutting people off. But, God’s Word is powerful and as his Spirit remains, so too does his Word in one way or 15sun4another. I think looking back, experiencing through word and sacraments the power of the Word calling back to Christ the disillusioned and the hurt to a renewed faith are a joy of ministry. To see sometimes even at the last moments of a person’s life God is there for them if they reach out.

So yes, God’s word is alive and active. It is present in what we say and what we do. For us, we need to give ourselves over to Him, acknowledge He is present and speaks to us even now.


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  1. Rev Fr Jacob Ernest Kyei said, on July 12, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    This homily is very good and well explained for good preaching. God bless you but please I beg you to always send me a copy of your homily into my mails

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