June 15, 2014 Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture, Spirit by Fr Joe R on June 11, 2014

ht4Today is Trinity Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity. If we look back at the scriptures, the old testament really parallels the development of the human race. The history of Israel and its relationship with God is sometimes brutal and perhaps even cruel in a world that was harsh and fighting hard for survival. In early centuries, the atmosphere was tribal and the fight for survival was very strong. Even the idea of God was strong and harsh and demanding and even punishing. Worship meant sacrifice and service. Many worshiped multiple gods and practised strange cults.ht5 Reward and punishment was strong. God was a creator but he was demanding and to the Jews he was a jealous and demanding God wanting Israel’s love and trust and obedience. How often in the old testament do we see him forgiving and calling back and embracing his people. He gave the a code or book of laws or rules on how to live and get along. Yet all along they kept failing. In all this, he promised to send a Savior a chosen one who would be a redeemer, a sacrificial lamb in their parlance to bring all humanity to God.
When Jesus came, neither the world or the Jews recognized him for he was like any other man who had been born. But as we know he was different, he was the Son of God, yet God himself and a human being. His life was one of giving and sharing who he was, finding love and acceptance according to how each he met was prepared to meet him. His person was a draw, an enticement to love to share to listen. We know the brutality and evil that surrounded the times and how Jesus died and rose to give new life and a new age to the world. What he did was once for all, yet his presence remains even now in his church, in his believers. We personally meet him in his sacraments and in the first, Baptism, his love comes to us in his Spirit. This Holy Spirit is very special as it is the love that is between God the Father and the Son and is the third person of the Trinity. His Spirit is alive and active today in the church and in our lives in the world as we go about living and adapting to the rigors of our time. While evil and war, and violence still remain in the world today, we at least now have hope that some things can be resolved for we are sure God is with us.

ht3To celebrate the Trinity today, we celebrate what we know. We know God is a giver. He gave life in creation. He poured out his love and watchfulness, even as his creatures went their own way choosing to turn their backs to him. He gave his Son for a new beginning, a redemption and the Spirit to love and guide for the rest of time. His love never stops coming to this world regardless of what happens for his care is for each and every person. Beyond that, God is a mystery, a Trinity of persons, someone we know but will never understand in our earthly existence. Today we offer our worship and praise and thanksgiving.

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