Homily June 8, 2014 Pentecost Sunday

Posted in Called, christian, Christianity, church events, inspirational, religion, Resurrection, Spirit by Fr Joe R on June 5, 2014

pentacost4Today is Pentecost Sunday, the end of the Lenten-Easter cycle. While it is a separate event, it is the completion of Jesus’ resurrection, ascension and the giving of His Spirit for the future life and the mission he has given his followers. This Spirit is special for it is the love that is between the Father and Son and is the third person of the Trinity. This Spirit is freely given to each and every follower of Jesus when they are baptized. The Spirit has and gives many gifts in supporting each of us and continuing the church. The most important thing to remember is that the Spirit is a gift flowing from baptism and has at its core the love of Christ and the forgiveness of sin and evil and all its allurements and consequences. As it draws us into the body of Christ, it becomes one with us in our own body and spirit and fills us with love in accord with our own capability and power. At the same time its gifts are bestowed upon us in ways that are unique and special to us and for the good of the church, the body of Christ. pentacost2Looking at the gospel and History, we see different manifestations of the Spirit and the way different followers are called to carry out the call to bring Christ’s message and love to others, but really no two people have identical gifts. The person truly answering Christ’s call and using the gifts of the Spirit must truly be marked and living by Christ’s love and sharing love and the forgiveness and refraining from judging as Christ in his own time refrained, seeing only that one was ready to love and receive forgiveness and live the good news.

The Spirit’s gifts as I said are unique and adapted as God sees fit for you and his church. The gift of tongues or healing are not things we see in the ordinary course of things, yet the Spirit still works in and about the world today in its own way. Physical healing certainly happens but more importantly spiritual healing and the finding of love and community and God’s love is a gift that is really most important of all. After all is said, being Christ like is so important. Loving suggestions and instructions are certainly more helpful than condemnations in sharing Christ’s love. Jesus only lost his temper and condemned when it was a question of abusing his Father or his Father’s temple or abusing God’s people such as the Scribes and Pharisees did for their own gain. This too can be a warning to temper our actions that what we do is truly for the good of all and is for God and not a personal act or obsession. Nothing can be worse than a false use or abuse of what we think is the gift or call of the Spirit. The Spirit’s gifts are like a leaven implanted within us. When yeast is mixed with dough you can’t find it but it ferments the dough and makes it rise. So it is with the Spirit.

pentecost_3Regardless of human fault Christ and his Spirit remains among us even now. The twists and turns of history certainly exhibit the failings of humanity and the evil that can present itself. Yet the Spirit brings hope, brings life, and breathes. He is with us now, he is with us always. The Spirit has kept alive Christ’s ministry and call to preach the good news. The Spirit is active and calling us now to be true followers and step forward in whatever way we can be most forceful in being Christ to others. Today the Spirit brings us together to worship and witness, to be a light, a force to show and bring Christ’s love. This never changes, only how we do it, how we adapt and how we remain selfless and in God’s love.


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