Homily May 25, 2014 Sixth Sunday of Easter

may 25Today’s gospel is really a hard one if you stop to think about it. Jesus very clearly says that if you love him you will keep his commandments. Now here is the problem. Jesus gave only two commandments and they were pretty simple. He commanded “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.” By a neighbor, he was all-inclusive of all humanity created by God. Well, if we look around the world, there sure is a whole lot of people out there to see and many that we sure find hard to like. Even close to us there are surely some we just don’t like or as some might say, can’t stand. But what Jesus is saying here is we must be in love with all those he created because in one way or another he is present in each of those he created and there is an innate worthiness of our love. God loves each as the Father he is, despite what any of us do. Christ came for each of us. His saving sacrifice was once and for all for every creature from the beginning to the final day. If his love can be all-embracing of each and every one, can he expect less of us. Certainly there is a difference between liking and loving someone, but surely we can not like a person or what he does without wishing ill or evil on them.may 25   2 To love our enemies sounds hard, but enemies are usually a country or a group. It is easy to dislike a country or a group, but can we forget each is made up of individuals. Every person should be the object of our love, because like them or not they could respond to that love and receive the Spirit of God.
Clearly, this is what it is about. Christ’s love is passed and felt person to person, day-to-day, face to face. “See how they love one another” was a mark and a magnet for the early Christians and should be so today, We are called to love all, those we know and the faceless nearby and in far off places. But how do we do daily as we go about it? Yes we see people poor and in need, but what is our response. Did we ever stop to listen to what they need? Lending a hand doesn’t mean going to the poor house or giving away the farm to use an old expression. Perhaps you might have a thought or a suggestion, or some solution to offer and lift up that person. I know we can’t respond to everyone, but then like Jesus planted a seed, shouldn’t we work on the soil and help with the growth.
However, we are human and sometimes we fall short, far short of being perfect. Even in our most intimate love may 25   3relationships we sometimes fall short, get mad and even fight. But love continues, it works through trials and disappointments and even failures. That love should be in us and spread around for all of us have been baptised and received his Spirit. Jesus tells us he and the Father are one each in the other with the Holy Spirit. Jesus who was the physical presence of God in the world is in us and has sent his Spirit to us so we can continue his work. It is how he remains with us today. It means we should be loving and looking out for those needing him the most. Sure its hard, it’s work, but it’s joyful and even fulfilling sometimes. But in loving Christ is with you more and more each day.


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  1. Gonzalo said, on May 24, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    This very clearly spells out how to live our Christianity.

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