Homily May 11, 2014 Fourth Sunday of Easter

Posted in christian, Christianity, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, Resurrection, scripture by Fr Joe R on May 6, 2014

may 11 2014Today’s readings are set both before and after Christ’s resurrection. The gospel talks of the shepherd and the sheep. Jesus is the Shepherd, and we know that after his resurrection he sent the Spirit who filled Peter and the Apostles to go out and preach Jesus, crucified for all. Together, Peter and the Apostles went out and as one spread the Word of God. Their actions and sacrifices to carry out that task has encouraged generations of followers even up to our present time. In Christ’s Spirit we are one, open to listen and believe what is best for up. Shepherds remain today for leading us to still faithfully carry out His commands. All of us to the best of our ability are trying to carry out and live out that faith handed to us in our own life.may 11 20141
For most of us, that means we got our faith from the sharing of it from our parents. This is how it should be and each of us should be grateful for what we have received. Scripture certainly reminds us that in spite of anything we should honor and respect our parents for what we are and have received. Today, we choose in our country to honor our Mothers because so often we neglect to say thank you and I love you. So easily do we take for granted who they are and what they do. It is hard to realize, but a Mother, never forgets, loses sight or stops worrying. Only a mother knows what it entails and has experienced the whole cycle of events leading to child-birth. After that we very much share in the joy and all that follows in the years to come. Over time, the expectations of motherhood and family have differed and changed. As society changed in the last century we saw the role of mothers shift as they needed to leave home and enter the work force. Stay at home Moms are much less common in 2014 than in 1914. The picture of family while different, still is much the same. It is Mom who is in many ways the first and most familiar voice and touch. With Dad they are our first teachers, examples and role models. From our first moments, through the years, through all the learning and activities they are there. may 11 29142Aside from whatever job they might have had, we were the most important. Through our young years, our adolescent and rebellious years, Mom was there. She(and Dad) never forget. No one understood or were ready to accept and even forgive than they were. We should not forget that who we are is due to Mom and Dad. Who of us can forget their help in life? With my own Mom and Dad, I can never forget after I was ordained, that each Sunday I was close enough, they were at my Mass. Being a son is a special bond and a care only a parent understands. It is just so that Moms are special and we honor and thank them today. May God bless you all and your children.

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