Homily May 4, 2014 Third Sunday of Easter

Posted in ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, Resurrection, scripture by Fr Joe R on April 29, 2014

On this third Sunday of Easter, we are still in the middle of the resurrection event in Scripture. Luke tells us of the journey of Cleopas and his companion going to Emmaus. Emmaus-3Having experienced the events of holy week and all the disappointment of losing what they thought would be their future, they were probably returning home. Their faith and commitment are ended and they must somehow go on. In those few days, all changed and was lost. What were they to do, how would they go on. As they walked, a stranger joined them, and engaging them, somehow he revived their spirit. For the first time they began to understand, their hearts began to flame up and then the broken bread and yes, it was Jesus. Yes he was alive. Their tedious journey was quickly reversed with a joyful rush to tell the others. “We have seen the Lord!”
It was on the road that they saw him. Not in the temple, but on the way home on the road in the familiar humdrum country. In our century, when we look back, we see his message has come in many ways. Humanity has built buildings and shrines and all sorts of symbols. emmaus-fragment-13At times, the means, the ways the carrying out of that message has differed, sometimes strong and vibrant while at other times weak and faltering. Sometimes the concern of the time has been more with things than with people. As we are discovering in our times, buildings and structures decay and are even abandoned or fall into disuse. War and hate have appeared in every century, proving the need of spreading his word with renewed vigor. What remains constant is the memory of resurrection and Christ’s life and the words on the road before and after his resurrection.As Christians, we are travelers, we are on the road, we are pilgrims. Look at the disciples, they left all and followed Christ. Cleopas and his companion did it a second time on the way to Emmaus, abandoning their disappointment and depression and rushing back to Jerusalem. We are called to go out and travel, to reach out and share the word, share the love of Christ. To do that we must find our brothers and sisters where they are and share with them. In reality though, who can listen if they are hurting or hungry, or their family is in peril. emmaus3How do we know this unless we seek them out. Unfortunately, the poor, the homeless, the sick don’t often come to our worship space. Our buildings, our shrines can be so imposing. Think what your perception would be if you were lost and abandoned. Our society can be so cruel, we are often caught up in the same perceptions whether true or not. Most people are slow to go where they haven’t been before. Past rejections or poor encounters often make new encounters fearful and frightening. This is why the story of Emmaus is so important. We are all travelers, on the road, and on this road, we meet Christ each day. On our final day, lets pray that we too meet him in the breaking of the bread.


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