Homily April 27, 2014 Second Sunday of Easter

Our gospel today begins in the evening of Easter Sunday. 10 Apostles are huddled together in the same upper room hiding from the Jews and Romans pondering and discussing all that had occurred upperroom2including the events of the morning, Mary’s report, the mad dash and the empty tomb. Their grief and fear were strong and the whole week was mind altering to all of them. Certainly, a kernel of faith and love was in their hearts, but their fear, their flight, their hiding was still overwhelming. They all had a sense being lost. They frankly were probably in a real state of confusion. And then in their midst a familiar man a familiar voice. No judgment, no rebukes but a simple Peace be with you. This peace was a joy wish, an act of forgiveness and of love. His hands and his side proved it was him. He was alive, he did rise. He not only gave his peace and forgiveness, but he gave his Holy Spirit so that they became empowered in His love to forgive the sins of others.upperromm3
Can you imagine the change, the beginning of a new understanding? Sure there was a joy but the resurrection event was not yet over. They were not quite ready. Look at the second part of the gospel, they couldn’t even convince Thomas, one of their own, that they had seen Jesus. If they couldn’t convince Thomas, how could they go out beyond the doors and face the world. Certainly, people would be more skeptical than Thomas. Thomas had to see for himself. Lucky for him that Jesus was still around and being seen by his disciples. This resurrection event was to carry on for several more days. Faith and certainty are not always present together. Yet Thomas received them together. But as a task he and the other Apostles were told to go out and spread the faith to others. Obviously, Faith comes out of the love of Christ and can be introduced to others through a living out that love, but ultimately faith is a gift of God which each person must come to accept or reject. While Thomas got to personally see the Risen Christ and come to believe, each of us in truth have had or will have our own moment of recognition when we fully come to see and believe with our own “My lord and my God”.upper room
On the other hand, we must realize that to believe is not enough. Life is not a moment or a simple I believe. Our faith calls for us to live it out, to love as Jesus shared in his time and ministry. Loving in word and action, forgiving and getting along working to glorify God by seeing him in each other. All of us are not unlike the apostles. We too have fear and we too could turn and run when a difficult time comes. We could flee to a place apart as the apostles did. We too could betray the love that has been given us. The most important thing here is that we must get out of that dark place and seek once again the love and forgiveness of Jesus. No matter what we do, He is there to simply say Peace be with you, offering the same peace and forgiveness and assurance he gave his apostles.

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  1. Florence Mulenga said, on April 25, 2014 at 10:59 am

    thank you for the powerful message. I stay and live with girls who are orphans that need a greet message like this.I am asking if possible to be sending some reflections to share with this young people who are longing for the word of God.

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