Homily March 9, 2014 First Sunday of Lent

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion by Fr Joe R on March 5, 2014

desert 1Today’s readings are about creation and its beauty. It was not just a construction of something or a building of something, but it was a complete growing evolving universe. Its primary creature was the human species which had the one characteristic that differed from all others, the ability to choose or, as you will, the freedom to choose. Unfortunately this freedom to choose allowed the possibility of disorder and chaos to happen. Small choices ultimately could and did lead to choices, situations and configurations and added complexity removing the simple bonds created between humans with each other and with God leading to distrust, disorder and all the negatives so common in our world today among its occupants and nations. It seems as if from the early times of humanity the world was unsettled, distrustful, even hostile and warring at times. People were self-aware, power-seeking, posturing. domineering.
In the gospel today, we see Christ has gone out from his baptism to pray, to be alone and prepare for his mission to desert 2come. At the end he is met with the threefold temptation so often presented not only to him but persists even in our own time. First there was food or physical well-being. Secondly, there was recognition or fame, being noticed as special or better than others. Lastly there was the offer of power and control, and I think we all know how that leads to so many awful things.
As we know, Jesus rejected these things for they are not God’s way of doing things. Jesus came not to rule or inflame or stir up his people but rather to plant the word of God. His real mission was to free us from the bad choices we and others had previously made. He was to offer forgiveness and the power to choose more wisely. He chose to show us that each person is special, each person is unique and beloved by God. He came to tell us that by choosing God we choose not to be alone or isolated and thus are able to reach out to one another and have comfort and support and be united in his church truly enjoying the world as created and intended by him. But we know this world this church is not perfect, for we are not perfect. But this we must not fear, for only Christ was perfect and even he received the temptations common to his human nature and of course he is most knowledgeable of who we are. desert 3
Our lesson today then must be an awareness of our freedom to choose. It is what makes creation so beautiful and even more relevant to us because we have a choice and knowledge and the ability to complete that creation by choosing God and being in harmony with him.


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