Carry the gospel with you

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture by Mike on February 24, 2014

JesusGospel reading of the day:

Mark 9:14-29

As Jesus came down from the mountain with Peter, James, John and approached the other disciples, they saw a large crowd around them and scribes arguing with them. Immediately on seeing him, the whole crowd was utterly amazed. They ran up to him and greeted him. He asked them, “What are you arguing about with them?” Someone from the crowd answered him, “Teacher, I have brought to you my son possessed by a mute spirit. Wherever it seizes him, it throws him down; he foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth, and becomes rigid. I asked your disciples to drive it out, but they were unable to do so.” He said to them in reply, “O faithless generation, how long will I be with you? How long will I endure you? Bring him to me.” They brought the boy to him. And when he saw him, the spirit immediately threw the boy into convulsions. As he fell to the ground, he began to roll around and foam at the mouth. Then he questioned his father, “How long has this been happening to him?” He replied, “Since childhood. It has often thrown him into fire and into water to kill him. But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus said to him, “‘If you can!’ Everything is possible to one who has faith.” Then the boy’s father cried out, “I do believe, help my unbelief!” Jesus, on seeing a crowd rapidly gathering, rebuked the unclean spirit and said to it, “Mute and deaf spirit, I command you: come out of him and never enter him again!” Shouting and throwing the boy into convulsions, it came out. He became like a corpse, which caused many to say, “He is dead!” But Jesus took him by the hand, raised him, and he stood up. When he entered the house, his disciples asked him in private, “Why could we not drive the spirit out?” He said to them, “This kind can only come out through prayer.”

Reflection on the gospel reading: Prayer is about faith: Everything is possible to one who has faith. But it isn’t about perfect faith; even the imperfect faith of the petition, I do believe, help my unbelief, is all that Jesus needs from us. When we pray, God wants us to be authentic. God does not require us to be more faith-filled than we are; God asks us just to be willing to ask that we be more faith-filled.

Saint of the day: The first bishop of the Diocese of Getafe, the Servant of God Francisco José Pérez y Fernández – Golfin was born in Madrid, Spain, on February 12, 1931, to D. Julio Pérez Aubá and his wife Dª María Luisa Fernández-Golfín Guerrero de Portanova. Having lived through the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona and Madrid, he joined the Catholic Action, and after finishing his higher studies, entered Seminary in Madrid. Ordained to the priesthood on May 26, 1956 at the Cathedral of San Isidro, he was successively named Parish Priest of Alpedrete 64557206_129578656377and Curate of Los Negrales. In 1962, he became Spiritual Director at the Seminary of Madrid, a post which he occupied until 1973. In the meantime, he also served as Professor of Religious Formation at the Escuela Técnica de Ingenieros de Caminos and obtained a Degree in Dogmatic Theology from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

Requesting another position to assist his elderly parents, Cardinal Vicente Enrique y Tarancón assigned him to Saint George parish in 1973. The following year, he obtained a Licentiate in Moral Theology. In December 1983, Archbishop Ángel Suquía Goicoechea named him episcopal victor. At 54 years of age, he was appointed auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Madrid and was ordained bishop on May 11, 1985. Noted for his pastoral wisdom, Bishop Golfin was named in 1993 the first bishop of the newly created See of Getafe. On February 24, 2004, Bishop Golfin suffered a fall as a result of an unexpected heart attack and passed away at age 73. Universally loved among his people and priest, Bishop Golfin always emphasized the centrality of love. He assisted many young people to discern what God called them to do, and people remember him for his humor, overflowing joy, and personal holiness. The cause for his beatification opened in 2010.

Spiritual reading: Prayer is not sending in an order and expecting it to be fulfilled. Prayer is attuning yourself to the life of the world, to love, the force that moves the sun and the moon and the stars. (Br. David Steindl-Rast)


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