Homily February 16, 2014 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in Christianity, church events, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on February 13, 2014

sermon on mountToday’s gospel continues the series of gospels from the sermon on the mount. With the feast of the Presentation of the Lord we missed the beginning of the Sermon which was the Beatitudes. Last week we heard the metaphors of being the Salt of the earth and the Light of the World leading others to the Father. It is here that he brings up the law and the prophets and his role of fulfilling the law. In that role, he presents the law in a much different fashion than the Scribes and Pharisees did in his time. For them the law was an ironclad set of rules and determinations and prescriptions to be carried out and followed to the letter. The concepts of mercy, compassion and forgiveness were not present or understood or tolerated. The law was absolute. They left no room for understanding of others or realizing the difficulties of daily life. Jesus’ focus on the other hand was on how people related to each other and with God. More than any other man Jesus realized that life was hard and all was not simple. People worked hard and tried to fulfill the law but in their doing and living they sometimes fell short. The command of perfect love is something all seek to fulfill but ultimately they fall short. Jesus is the only human who perfectly followed out that command in his lifetime. The commandments of the old law were not abolished by Jesus who came to fulfill them and put a whole new emphasis on knowing and understanding them. Love as the prime command makes all the other commands relate to how we interact and live with each other and God. They are guidelines to help us. Ill will, bad feelings, hatred, or any of the many other bad relations we can have is a break from the law of love given to us. Putting ourselves first is not always what is best for us. Anger, hatred, or the many other negative emotions are a challenge to a healthy life and fall short of expectations. While our actions sometimes may fall with in the technical boundaries of the law and right, the question can sometimes arise as to whether we are in the boundaries of Christ’s love. Do we stand out as a light, as one seen to be seen as a follower, a disciple, an example? You know the law, you know of love, you know your heart, you follow Christ. Christ is always waiting for us, he understands, he forgives. Shortcomings or not, stay the course for Christ awaits us.


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