Homily January 19, 2014 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, ecclesiology, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on January 14, 2014

baptist3-227x300As we have said in the past, the readings for Sunday Mass are divided into a three year cycle, centered around the three synoptic gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Today, however, the cycle is interrupted as a reading from John’s Gospel is used. It is a repeat or further account of last week’s gospel of the baptism of Jesus. John doesn’t report the actual baptism of Jesus, but reports the testimony of John the Baptist pointing to Jesus as the “Lamb of God”, the “servant” who was to come to take away the Sin of the world. John refers to baptizing Jesus and the power of the Spirit descending like a dove on Him. John says he is the one who will baptize with the Spirit. In approaching it this way, John was emphasizing that Jesu was the successor of John and not a disciple of his. So as we enter the time of the year called ordinary time, we start by repeating the manifestation of Jesus to his contemporaries with a ministry that will now proceed to holy week and Easter. His one mission is to take away sin from the world, to make it whole once again. At the same time he will take away individual sins making it possible for all to be called and be united to his father.

Jesus-lamb-of-GodThose of you who are parents are aware of the power of repetition in teaching and learning. To underline and extend the message of manifestation of the christmas cycle when we for the most part have put all the trappings behind us, might help us to firm up our resolve to take those christmas feelings and blessings and share our joy and plentiful blessings throughout the season ahead. We are caught right now at a low point in our calendar year as cold and dreary weather affects us in many different ways, many of which are kind of negative. Certainly the news of Jesus and his message should help us to lift up ourselves to a more positive outlook. The doldrums of January and February can certainly be overcome by a spirit of love and giving that can do away with the monotony of day-to-day tasks. Like John we are called to give testimony and we do so by how we live and act. Unlike Jesus and John we may not be called to go out and become public advocates, but at home, at work, in daily living, who we are and what we are do, make a difference. How much of a Christian are we if we are always short or rude or ignore the needs or feelings of those around us. People really do notice how we are and some are drawn or reject Christ based on the people they know. Certainly, our relationship with Christ is personal, but at the same time it is a communal thing. He died to make the world whole by doing away with sin, and also to take away our sins. Thus there is a true interconnection of the whole of humanity and a call to look out for each other. Thus you see who we are and what we are important.

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