Homily October 27, 2013 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in christian, Christianity, ecclesiology, ethics, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on October 22, 2013

In hearing today’s parable, I am amazed at how human and even normal a person the pharisee would seem to be even today. phariseeAndTaxCollectorI think we today sometimes fall into the trap of looking at our faith and even defining it by what we don’t like or what we are against rather than by what we are for. It is easy to be against many things like abortion, and a whole laundry list of things like addiction, adultery, violence and bad movies and many other things. But tell me, where did Jesus put us on such a negative track? Jesus’ command to us was love God and love your neighbor as yourself. If we think about it, in loving God we realize that we owe everything to Him and can never really fully and completely give back the love He has given us. In essence, sin is just that falling short in giving the proper love to God. His love is always there as is His forgiveness for when we fall short. On an individual basis, only He and ourself can completely realize when we have sinned. That is why we should be very slow in judging others or being so self-righteous as to compare ourselves to others. Our humility before God must be a real thing, not something feigned or imagined or postured. Throughout history, we see many holy people we call saints who really and truly understood that in their love and commitment and relationship to God that always they were capable of falling short of what His love demanded. Surely we must understand that as love grows then more and more is required as the relationship goes on. Every relationship is unique and who are we really to judge how a person stands in any relationship especially their relationship with God.

But not being judgmental, does not call for anarchy in the world, for inherent in God’s love we have the sense and knowledge of knowing when we are failing in our love, or are giving in to ourself, or are putting ourself first before God or neighbor. Many people in distress or trying times make choices and do things we don’t like or understand or approve. It is important that we refrain from judging, but forgive any slight or hurt and leave judgment to God. forgivenessAs a human being, we have the same failings and weaknesses as everyone else, and simply put we too could make bad choices if we were distressed or pushed to the wall. In reality, who are we to judge someone who is at a point in their life that presents only what seem to be impossible choices and no clear path. Life changing moments occur in people’s lives and incredible consideration and thought and psychological problems occur that none of us could truly answer for anyone else. In light of two or more bad or impossible choices, how could we expect anyone not to fall short of God’s love? But there is the conundrum, God’s love and forgiveness is there, not endorsing the decision but endorsing the person and HIS or Her relationship with Him. You know every parent says they love each of their children the same and in many ways they do, but still there is a special way as to how they relate to each one. So it is with God. But specialness doesn’t mean better or worse. After all who knows us better than God who knew us before we were even conceived and knows all our thoughts and actions. In all our own reality, all we can really say and know is that while we might have great love we are still falling short of that Love that is God.


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