Homily September 22, 2013 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, ecclesiology, ethics, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on September 17, 2013

It is interesting that after many centuries of stories and the history of the Jewish religious experience with Yahweh, God didn’t send a ruler, or some book or codex of laws or a book of legalisms or exactitude or minute directions for daily living. Instead He sent a man, a person who was real flesh and blood, who was a simple man, but not so simple that he didn’t equal the measure of anyone He met. He started a whole new way, a different way, the way, the truth, the light. This way, the church,was different. Christ set it up with His teaching and preaching. His charter was go and baptise. His rules and laws were his parables. All he required were some how in these. His necessities were his parables. His family and his relatives were those who believed.

If we move forward to the 21st century and take a look around us, we might say what happened? Every country, every tribe has codes of laws and rules and ways to maintain order. The simple church Jesus left has itself as humanity always legalizes and encodes rules of law and procedure and has built itself fine buildings and structures and honors.The study of the simple carpenter of Nazareth and the evolving church would probably befuddle the man himself. He constantly spoke out about our relationship to God, to Him, to each other. His only command was really twofold, Love God and our Neighbor as ourselves. That was what summed it all up for Him.
shrewd manager
So, we come to today’s parable on greed and wealth. It continues on from the “lost” parables of last week. It deals with a dishonest servant who has squandered his master’s wealth and gets fired. In a time of no unemployment compensation, he makes his own future compensation. He wheels and deals and makes friends and leaves others beholden to him. At the same time, it seems he has put the master on the spot where he can’t easily reverse what he the servant did. Curiously the master praises the cunning of his servant and commends him for his trickery and his prudence. He ends saying that worldly sinful people are seemingly more prudent in regards to wealth in this life. He tells us to make friends with it in the present so we can find out that true wealth is eternal life. If we are trustworthy with wealth and we see it for what it is, a means for life, a way to share and relate to others. If wealth or money is our only goal in life then we all ready have what we want and need so what else should we seek?

Sharing doesn’t mean stripping ourselves of all that is worldly. Only a few people are called to go out and create gigantic tent cityfoundations and food banks and all the other things we might encounter in a world reaching out to far corners. Christ said the poor you will always have with you and really they are not far from us. Many need more than just food, whether it be clothing, housing, treatment, physical or mental, or maybe just the acceptance of a friendly presence. Jesus if we recall, acted with those around him. He always tried to establish faith in Him for what he did. Even for us an act of love can beget an act of faith. So, I think the lesson for today is to slow down and look around and share the faith and love we have. How often do we pass someone in need or hurting? Love and sharing is best when it is personal and caring. It should not be like the servant’s future compensation but the way to our future, eternal life.


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