Homily August 11, 2013 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on August 7, 2013

Scripture tells us that “Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom.” However, that fear speaks not about punishment or judgment, but a healthy fear that is a true part of every relationship of love or faith or trust. In every truly loving relationship involving true intimacy, the fear we should have is falling short of the proper love and respect of our beloved, of somehow overstepping love’s proper boundaries. The fear is not hellfire, but a sign or warning that something could be wrong, that somehow we must pay more attention. Surely we are not afraid of who we love and who loves us, but only what could harm that relationship.banquet food

In our life of faith and love of God, we are drawn by Him out of love and care to an intimacy matching our own capabilities. Fear in our human relationships is probably more understandable than a fear of God. After all, who is more knowledgeable about human beings than the creator of them. Who can understand and accept us better than even our most loving parents. Can He really be threatened by any of our doubts or fears or failings? If the history of the world and the literature of the many centuries can show us anything, it is that we today are not really far different from those before us. To fear God is not really to fear his punishment; but to fear the loss of his love. Yet, He never stops loving, so ultimately if His love is lost we have done it to ourself and actually punished ourself

Looking back, we see that the world went through times of ignorance and of growing. Man developed and grew in knowledge and learning. God was always there but humanity oftentimes failed to find him or in some way ignored him. We know by our faith God reached out to us through the centuries and sent His son Jesus. His time on earth was short, but the seeds of God’s love and call to all humanity were planted and have come to us even today. Our faith has come to us today because of Christ’s life, death and resurrection and the sending of His Apostles. Everyone has gained from God’s boundless love and like the servants in today’s gospel he give his abiding trust that we will love and be ready when he comes. What fear we should have is to not be ready, to miss out on that great moment when he comes. Like the master returning, the Lord will reach out and embrace those who are ready for Him. We will be ready if every day we put aside whatever prevents our love and trust from being whole, by acknowledging and removing whatever limits our love. This is how we will stand ready.


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