Homily July 14, 2013 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on July 9, 2013

In the readings today, we are told that the Law of God is really not something in a book or up in the sky or across the sea or a bunch of rules, but something very close, actually in our mouths, in our hearts. It doesn’t require a lot of book learning and study, just day-to-day living. The whole law is summed up in one word, namely love. That is the love of God and the love of neighbor. Love is a word that we use today in many and various ways, from the very trite to the beauty of the love of God.

Good Samaritans Today

Good Samaritans Today

However here in the scriptures it is the giving of yourself to another freely because of that person being who he or she is. We are asked to love all those we meet as we would love ourselves. Certainly that is no small thing but in mirroring God’s love for us it puts us in a special light. The vulnerability we experience in offering love comes from fear of rejection and at times the isolation or the surroundings of where we are. To go to someone’s aid in a time of trouble and physically assist can be at times dangerous and maybe even life threatening. But I ask you what would we want if we were caught in that situation. We would thank that person for their help. What are the limits of reaching out? I tell you I don’t know. What are God’s limits in his love for us? I do not recall he had any. Look at human love like the love of husband and wife. Isn’t their love a limitless growing developing love of a lifetime? Love can only be limited by our own failures and faults. Our love reflects our own person hood and our abilities. Our love goes to God and our families as they reflect ourselves, but beyond that we are called to reach out and share ourselves with those around us.
It is great to talk of the poor of the world and wonderful to share our talent and wealth in giving. But how much of our very self, our own time, our own attention are we willing to give to the person we meet in the street or mall or store? Maybe all we need give is a kind word or greeting. Maybe more if our love so perceives. Remember Jesus didn’t give out alms, he gave himself and shared what he had. I guess that the point for us is can we give and share what we are, what we have, the gifts of the Spirit dwelling in us which we so often forget that we can call on to share and grow and find Christ himself in those we meet. Even for Jesus, the person in front of Him had all his attention if only for that moment. Can we do any less?

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  1. Fr John Vianney Kamari said, on July 13, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Love is the answer to every moment situation! Thanks for the wonderful & inspiring homily.

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