Homily June 30, 2013 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time C

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on June 28, 2013

Today, Luke’s gospel makes a transition and change seeing Jesus leave Galilee and starting his journey up to Jerusalem. The Chronology of Luke’s gospel has been interrupted by the cycle of the liturgical year with the celebrations of Christmas and Lent and Easter. We have seen the beginning of his ministry and the rejection of his town. The ministry has been a relaxed one for the most part until now. In setting out to Jerusalem, we see a more resolute, determined Jesus with one thought in mind to fulfill his life’s work and pointedly allowing nothing to stand in the way.

Jerusalem today

Jerusalem today

This section of Luke is called “Journey to Jerusalem”. Part of this journey is through Samaria and some dealings with the Samaritans. This was a rugged journey which he knew would lead ultimately to his death. He saw no turning back, no delay. He was strong, even harsh at stopping his disciples wanting to delay. His journey, his mission once begun must move forward without delay. Nothing should be in the way, whether it be lack of lodging, or a family death, or any other concern, only one thing was important and that was to go up to Jerusalem.

As followers of Jesus, do we see the same resolve in us? Is following him simply being or doing like him in a relaxed easy way? Certainly we must care for the poor and teach and minister to those in need, but is this following Jesus in a way adequate to be faithful in today’s times? Is it enough to simply imitate his actions or must we dig deeper and search out his motivation and imitate that as the ultimate goal for ministry today? His goal or motivation was to draw all things into one, and that one thing was himself. Should our life, our actions be drawn on anything else? As followers this becomes our prime commitment In committing ourselves we paradoxically free ourselves to act and live a true life in the spirit which Paul spoke of today in the second reading. We are freed to act, to reach out, to draw others in.

To sum up, we, too, are on a journey with Jesus and are called to follow along even to the end even if it brings about our own Golgotha. If we are to draw all things to him, can we expect any less than what he received?

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