Homily May 26, 2013 The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on May 21, 2013

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. Being the name of our particular parish makes it a bit more relevant in our local celebration. The first thing to realize is the fact that the Trinity is a mystery and really is impenetrable to all of us who would like to solve it. It requires acceptance, while still allowing us glimpses of what it is and how it affects us. It took centuries and the Jewish experience to solidify the concept that there was only one God who was all-powerful and proactive in the world. With the coming of the redemption of the world and the realization that the redeemer was actually the Son of God who was gifted with all God had and of course co-equal. But the man Jesus Christ gave us the love shared in the relationship with God the Father personified in the Holy Spirit who was also gifted with all the Father and Son were gifted. This Spirit, this love dwells within us in a special way. It is God with us at all times helping us along the way. These three entities or persons in our meager understanding make up the Trinity, three persons, One God. This manifestation of who he is helps us understand God’s love and its centrality to our beliefs.

Trinity-Rublev-1410Remember when Jesus said there are two commandments, namely, love God and love your neighbor as yourself. In reality, if you think about it, if you don’t know and love yourself you are in trouble. But God steps in and the Spirit who is love fills us and is ever working on us to help us love our neighbor. Unfortunately, as human beings we can be flawed or disordered maybe too self-centered, too focused on the ā€œIā€ instead of you. Just look at history and we see how often Christians couldn’t somehow love but instead turned their back on one another. The Spirit has not abandoned us, for the Spirit, God is always with us.

Sometimes it is really hard to love your neighbor, especially if he doesn’t want it. Rejection, scorn or whatever is not an excuse to not love, it means we should just move on until another time or place hopefully. As we know, the Spirit works when he wants, where he wants and how he wants. Being open to that love, to our neighbor’s love brings us God’s love in an abundance that we will never fully understand. God’s love is in everyone we meet. Really, can any of us give more than Jesus gave himself?

So, today is a day of praise. Praise for who God is and what He has given. He has given Himself and continues everyday with His Spirit enlivening us. Look inside yourself in your struggles and you’ll find that love.

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