Homily May 5, 2013 Sixth Sunday of Easter C

Posted in christian, Christianity, ecclesiology, ethics, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on April 30, 2013

What is interesting during this Easter time is that the first reading each week is from the Acts of the Apostles. What could be a little confusing about this is that the readings from Acts deal with a time in the early church when Christ had already ascended to his Father and had sent his Spirit to continue His church and invigorate His work.

With the Gospels, we have seen all the pronouncements of Christ’s love and peace and of course his new command to “Love one another as I have loved you”. Yet in today’s first reading, we see that Judean Jews and Antiochian Gentiles have their own ideas of what is required of to be Christians.. Dissension, debate, dispute arose in the community and only the Apostles could resolve it. So we see the appeal to Jerusalem. But in the end if we think about it, they have taken the simple and created the complex much as we do today as we seek to see everything spelled out.. Christ’s command and teachings were simple and clear really, but people of the world have their own ideas and interpretations of what is and what is said. Knowledge and science and just the natural evolving of the world has changed the whole outlook of what the world is. The role of men and women in the world is certainly different from it was in Christ’s time. It is certainly not for us to judge the goodness of the wrongness of how things have evolved but to adjust to how it has. Laws and dictates must naturally evolve and change to keep in the reality of what Christ has commanded. Loving one another as Christ loved hasn’t changed. Living in his spirit is possible when we are open to it and live by it not trying to limit the spirit or put it into some predefined box. Love and forgiveness have no limits. With these come Christ’s peace. Judgments are put aside and left for God. We can not forget that our understanding is so limited that we can really err in judging others.

Jesus says today, whoever loves me will keep my word, He promised to send His Spirit, his Advocate who teaches us what we need to know. That is why the elders, the Bishops of the Church, come together and in conjunction with the Spirit and the Church at large decide the course and action of the Church. This is the ultimate gift of peace and understanding given to us to remove the need for dissension and dispute. From this we will truly receive the peace of Christ bestow and given by the Father and Spirit. Through all this we can become one in Christ and with each other.


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