Homily April 14, 2013 Third Sunday of Easter C

Posted in scripture by Fr Joe R on April 9, 2013

1303733710_w0p67One thing we have all experienced one way or another is love. From our Mother and our family we receive it and in a real sense grow as a person in it. The hardest thing though is the realization that love is not an easy thing. In daydreams and movies, love is so superficially presented that it misses the reality of what it is. It is more than a simple feeling or emotion. It involves sincerity, commitment, honesty and faithfulness. To that you must add respect and tolerance, especially the tolerance to allow the other person to grow into their own person. Love is always a work in progress, as anyone who is in an intimate relationship or marriage will tell you. Love increases as each of the parties grows both singularly and together.

Unfortunately, there are also things that can hinder the growth of love. In any relationship or even a community, harmony can be threatened by many things. Things like jealousy, hurt, distrust, a sense of being left out or not being appreciated can all attack the love of any relationship or community. Tensions arise and even open hostility can bring about true harm to any relationship. In Jesus love for his disciples, his tolerance and forgiveness certainly touched and reached Peter who even in his darkest moment didn’t abandon his friends but managed to hang on. Judas however gave up and in his feelings of complete failure took his own life. For him, we must ask if love was ever there.

The night before He died, Jesus brought together a rather rugged group that wasn’t really a gathering of the mainstream people of his time. Like all people they had their jealousies and preoccupations and all the warts and wounds and ambitions that come into anyone’s life. It was then Jesus gave them the most intimate love which would bind them and all followers in his love for all time: His Body and Blood. This love is meant to tie us to Him and to each other.

The fullness of that love, can be only when we admit that we are working towards it in a struggle to go to places we can not find for ourself..


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