Homily March 3, 2013 Third Sunday Of Lent

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture by Fr Joe R on February 26, 2013

Today, we meet Moses as he comes upon the burning bush which was not being consumed by the fire. We have heard many times of Moses’ mission to free the Israelites and bring them to a new land that would be theirs. Israel left Egypt and followed the cloud and passed through the sea and received food and water in the desert. Yet in spite of all God did, most of them did not complete the journey for they were not faithful and even grumbled against God in the desert. Paul tells us today, that this happened because we need to be reminded not to desire evil things or grumble about how God shapes our life. It is in feeling too much security that can sometimes lead to falling.

In today’s gospel, Jesus is told of an incident where Pilot killed some Galileans and mixed their blood with the blood of their sacrifices. The mentality of the time was that bad things happened only to sinners, the worst things to the worst people. Jesus doesn’t accept that notion, all of us are sinners and need repentance. Bad things don’t happen to a person because he is better or worse than another. Evil is something which is punished at life’s end and not necessarily in the here and now. Our life, our call to life in Christ is constant and new every day. How we live, what we do is something that is individual and between us and our Lord. Comparison with others to say he or she is better or worse is self-serving and can even be self-defeating as we imagine ourself as better than another. Comfort and laxity can follow such examinations. The true Christian conscience maintains a certain uneasiness that it can in many ways fall short of all that it is called to do.

The final reminder today is the fig tree. Without fruit, it is taking up space and using the resources of the soil around it. As the tree must be worked on if it is to produce fruit, so must we work and prepare ourselves in the Christian life. Each day, each season, each year is a gift in life to be embraced and moved forward. Seize the day and the hour as we march to Easter.

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