Monday of the Twenty-First Week in Ordinary Time (Year II)

Posted in christian, Christianity, inspirational, religion, scripture by revmtheogene on August 27, 2012

Read-  2 Thessalonians 1: 1-5, 11-12 / Psalm 96: 1-5 / Matthew 23: 13-22  (Inclusive Lectionary Texts)

Do we feel called that we all share in the reign of God? Do we know that we all have a shared responsibility to build up the kingdom? Do we give up when the going gets rough?

Friends, I believe that our God has called us out of church to be church, not only to ourselves but to each other. As Paul praises the community for their love for God, one another and how that love continues to grow in the daily struggles of life. Our physical places of worship are fine, but do we put all that we have and are into the buildings that we  worship in? Do we invest the time needed into ourselves and each other? Do we grow in our love for God and each other? What do we end up making as gods in our life?

We know living and being in communities of whatever sort==family, work, friends, and so on–leads us to be challenged at times to see beyond our own world to see the bigger picture that surrounds us. When people react in certain ways, do we say, what is that person going through at this time? More importantly, that should cause me to reflect within and see why did it affect me in that way? Whatever I am  going through may be clouding the others pain and I focus on me.  It is not always about me!

We need to be careful and mindful both about ourselves and of others. We need not take things so seriously and learn to  live in the moment. Building up ourselves and others to be good human persons loving and giving for the reign of God.

We all have our own practices and rituals. Practices that even I myself have grown up with and have led me to where I am now. I do not regret the experiences: they have helped make me who I am today. One is not better or worse than the other. Conservative verses liberal practices, institutional rules or open, laid-back rules. Does it really matter in the end? To some it does, and that is why we have so many choices in how we worship. For me I am learning to put aside those rituals that block me from being concerned about the individual that I encounter. I find great joy in knowing more about the person who has just embraced me in that moment. I can learn so much from that person. We can see the God of all creation in each encounter. I hope that person and I can see the divine in each other. For me, I hope that I focus on what is truly important and know the things that I may put too much attention on and be careful not to make it a god.

As a brief exercise, as we have all done before, make a short list of the important things in your life. Look carefully at what ranks ahead of others. Do we put God in the center placing our family, work, friends, relationships: ourselves on the altar of God’s Love?

God bless!

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