Luminaries Light the Way to New Life in a New Year

Posted in christian, Christianity, church events, inspirational by Mike on January 7, 2012

For the past eight years, surviving relatives and friends of former patients at Legacy Hopewell House Hospice have been invited to honor the memory of their loved one by lighting and decorating a luminary at a special celebration during the Holiday Season. (Luminaries are made by placing a candle in a paper bag partially filled with sand. The placing of luminaries during the holidays is a tradition in a number of cultures.) On January 1, 2012, over 125 luminaries lit up the the grounds of the inpatient facility, which is located in Southwest Portland, Oregon. CACINA priest Fr. Larry Hansen, who serves as Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator, says that creating and lighting a luminary can be a most-healing ritual for bereaved family members and friends:

It’s as if one is sending up a special prayer of thanksgiving and benediction to a beloved wife, husband, father, mother or child. And when a person feels powerless in the face of death, it’s also a means of claiming one’s right to say, “Attention must be paid, and I’m paying attention.”

Here are some photos from the event:

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