Ash Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Reflection

Posted in Uncategorized by coapbk on February 25, 2009

Readings for the First Sunday of Lent:GENESIS 9:8-17, (1 PETER 3:18-22), MARK 1:9-15

Daily Reflection by Father Joseph Diele, Church for All People, Brooklyn and Tarrytown

The Lenten season is all about the Christian Community recalling our Baptisms.  It is time for those preparing for Baptism to be prepared in a much more focused way. We go from ashes to the fire of The Easter Vigil and we go from the desert of these weeks to the waters of Baptism.  We go from the remembrance that we are dust to the fact that this dust can rise by God’s power.

Noah goes onto the ark with the world.  All creation is brought onto the ark.  The scene is wonderful because it recalls for us the beginning.  God is recreating the world.  Scientifically we know if the story were factually true, the water reached the highest mountain, and if that were so, the water would have surmounted the Himalayas.  If the water had really reached the top of the highest mountain, the world would have spun off its axis.

What if the ark is a symbol of an embryo floating in a womb?  What if this story is really about the Great Mother? What if the creator God we meet in Genesis 1 as the Feminine Breath of God is here as the womb of God?

Ponder for a moment the meaning of creation? Of motherhood? Of a Divine Mother?  Ponder for a moment the feminine side of God.

-What have we created recently?

-The great command of God both in the beginning and again here is to go and be fruitful.  Too often and way too many church people have made this literal. The real command is much deeper, much more profound than only pro-creating rather how are we creating ourselves and our world?

-What do our communities tell us about being creative?

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