The Feast of the Holy Name

Posted in Uncategorized by coapbk on December 31, 2008


NUMBERS 6: 22-27, LUKE 2:15-21

Reflection for Wednesday, Dec 31 by Father Joseph Diele

The blessing has been given.  The name of God has been shared with us. God is in our midsts and we are able to receive of God. What do we do with the gift who is God?  How do we live it?

God’s peace is not simply the absence of war it is the fullness of God and it has been shared with us. The fullness of God’s peace, Shalom is the fullness of serenity, security, respect, honor, joy, fullness, health, healing, forgiveness, wisdom and life that comes to us in and from God.

-Are we living in the peace of God?

-Are we acting as those touched by God?

-Do we live as those named by God?

-Do our communities remind us of our dignity as children of God?

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