Reflection: Feast of the Holy Name

Posted in Uncategorized by coapbk on December 29, 2008


NUMBERS 6: 22-27, LUKE 2:15-21

Reflection for Monday, Dec 29

by Fr. Joseph Diele

On this day, we celebrate the fact that according to Jewish custom Jesus is named. Names are important. Giving a name to some one or something is to give it authority and power. God names Adam in the Genesis story and Adam is asked to name creation. Creation is a force, a power because the Divine Spirit in Adam can name empower and steward over creation.

The name Jesus means savior or one who saves. What do our names mean? What is there in a name?

I never liked my name when I was a kid. It may have been in the seminary in my mid-twenties that I came to appreciate my name. I now realize it was a name picked out, long before I was born by the God who had knit me together in my mother’s womb. I am every bit like the Joseph we find in Genesis and like the Joseph of the New Testament. I am a night dreamer and spend hours interpreting my dreams and the dreams of others. The OT Joseph also did the same. The NT Joseph encounters God in his dreams and it reminds us of his contemplative heart. I too seek to live with a contemplative heart, (living with the awareness of God.) Joseph of the NT sees what is not yet visible and takes risks on these inner visions and voices and surly in my life I am willing to take the risks that God keeps asking of me. I, Joseph seek to dream the dreams of God.

Who has your name? Is your name in the Bible? Research your name what does it mean? What are the names you like and why have you picked them for your children?

Where is your name leading you? God wanted you to have the name you have. It says something about you, something about who you are as God’s instrument.

Sit and imagine God deciding your name, calling your name. What does it sound like when God calls your name?

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